Grab Hot Meals started with a wish to serve the local breakfast and lunch crowd with food you won’t find in any convenience store. We wanted to serve fresh cooked meals. So we rented space in a local convenience store and built our kitchen and carry-out counter.  Then we started to cook! Adding and testing menu items with the few locals that happened to find us (since we have no signs out). Now we are cooking up a storm and loving the praise we get from our regular customers.

They have grown to trust that their favorites are all made with only the best ingredients we can find. If our local sources do not have a particular ingredient that we think is of high enough quality, then we don’t buy it. Even if that means we have to temporarily list a menu item as “sold out” until we can get better ingredients. So if your favorite is not available for a day or two, try one of the other menu items. All of them are made with the same attention to quality and you just might find a new favorite.

Cooking with love and a passion for unique flavors,

Margot Miles,  Chef Manager

Our Menus

Breakfast Menu


We serve Breakfast mainly from 6:00 am until 10:30 am. However you will find several of the items are available “All Day” and are labeled that way.


Lunch Menu


Lunch starts at 10:30 am and goes until 2:30 pm. We will continue to sell anything we have left after 2:30 while we clean up until closing at 4:00 pm.


We are not to difficult to find. You will find us “Inside” the Valero Convenience Store located at the corner of Guy Road and NC-42 in Clayton. The store and gas station faces NC-42. While we work with the City of Clayton to get our own signage, just come by and see for yourself. Great food from a carry out restaurant built INSIDE a convenience store!!

You can find us here!!

Chef Profile

Margot, the chef at “Grab Hot Meals”, grew up with a love for great food. It has always been her passion. During much of her adult life she had many careers, but none were really fulfilling until the opportunity came along to open a small carry out restaurant. Through the encouragement of her family and friends, Grab Hot Meals became a reality in October of 2016.

Now she brings all of her multi-cultural cooking to life inside a small convenience store in Clayton, NC. Her experience with Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Mediterranean cuisine is now elegantly mixed with her favorite local American and Mexican recipes. All of this is reflected in the menu at the Grab Hot Meals carry out. She even treats some of her regular customers to their own ‘special requests’ occasionally.

You should stop in and introduce your self. When she is not cooking, she is happy, funny, and always interested in meeting people. Through her cooking and bubbly personality, she is building a community of friends and foodies in Clayton, NC. So when you come in, ask to see Margot and experience for yourself why her customers love her and her food is so popular.